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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Whoa, that sucks really bad.

Lady gets hurt by a motorcycle.

Commentary from a random person:

Here is what happened ..... The clip dates back to 1990 and has been taken from an internal BBC training video issued to presenters to make them aware of the perils of the job. It was originally recorded from a live item broadcast during one of the Saturday Morning Kids programmes on BBC1 (I think it may have been "Going Live"). Anthea was to compere the coverage of the Royal Tournament, and a piece-to-camera had been arranged where she would do a competition link, and at the end there would be a spectacular explosion and a motorcycle would drive out of the back of the lorry parked behind her. The rear of the lorry had been hung with a nitrated (semi-explosive) cloth to hide the motorbike (and Anthea from the riders view). The cloth would be destroyed by a theatrical thunderflash (a powerful firework used by the Army to simulate grenade explosions in training) which would be detonated by the rider on cue. The director told Anthea to sit on the tailgate of the lorry to do the piece, and of course when the rider fired off the thunderflash, the blast from it and the nitrated cloth set Antheas hair and mike alight. Fortunately she had the presence of mind to drop off the tailgate, or the bike would have hit her as well. She sustained second degree burns and temporary loss of hearing, but sucessfully sued the BBC and the director of the piece. As a result, the BBC put safety measures in place which included the video the clip comes from. I Unquote So she survived, "unfortunately" some people say. So now we know.

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